Peter Natterer – Saxofones, Keyboards, Bass, Multieffects


Peter Natterer: Works

Solo Saxophone & Effects feat. Meena Cryle

Works - CD Cover

Erschienen 2016 bei Pocket Sized Sun Records

1. Tender
2. Minor
3. SciFi Blockbuster
4. Helplessly Blue feat. Meena Cryle
5. Soul Simple
6. Symbols & Demons
7. Sound Sculpture
8. Inside Your Own feat. Meeny Cryle
9. Paris
10. Wake Up feat. Meena Cryle
11. Major
12 Tripplet Error

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Liner Notes

The music on this album is the most personal one I have ever recorded. I process the sound of my tenor sax by means of a special effect-device setup while playing. Thus originating unheard and organic chimes over vibrating spherical soundscapes. By applying reduced facilities, I do not participate in nerve-racking competitions for attention. As an artist I rather prefer to stay in the background to offer the listeners a space of their own. During my solo-performances I try to build up connections with other forms of expression - such as photo shows, science lectures, horror readings, and art exhibitions. It took me ten years to feel up to this album.Some of the melodies have developed in the course of time (Minor, Triplet Error, Inside Your Own). But in most cases the tunes are a matter of spontaneous ideas or sentiments (Paris was written one day after the assaults) which I tried to approach by improvisation. You might call it "real time composing". Sometimes I really felt like being "in the zone" and like getting connected to the world's ideas. However, the album also contains a veritable composition that was written down before the recording (Symbol & Demons). Due to a spur-of-the-moment intuition I invited the great blues singer Meena Cryle as a guest musician. I am happy and grateful for her dedication and her inspiration.Apart from Track 6 there are no over-dubs and very little editing has been done.
Peter Natterer, may 2016

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