Peter Natterer – Saxofones, Keyboards, Bass, Multieffects

Lily Walking

DroneAtalk Project:
Lily Walking

Madhuri Jagadeesh: Vocals:
Jagadeesh M.R.: Guitar:
Peter Natterer: Saxophone, Live Effects

Lily Walking - CD Cover

Erschienen 2017 bei Pocket Sized Sun Records

1. Lily Walker
2. Trieste
3. Rainforest Dream
4. Eastern Sun
5. Drone-A-Talk

DronAtalk Project emerged as a series of encounters between Peter Natterer, jazz musician and saxophonist based in Vienna, Austria and Jagadeesh M.R guitarist and Madhuri Jagadeesh vocalist of the world fusion group MoonArra from Bengaluru India. The collaboration of music, cultures, minds and of creating music in the 'now' or the moment has resulted in a flow of lyrical, rhythmic and melodic content that is as refreshing as the knowledge of the Lily Walking' bird.

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